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Gain efficiency and accuracy using CreditScore and leverage on top of remote sensing data, weather forecasting, climate projections, AI/ML algorithms, crop-models and market data to form a complete creditworthiness profile for each farmer -borrower.

Why CreditScore ?

With many farmers having neither the guarantee nor the credit history to secure credit approval, there is a need to find alternative credit rating methods to help banks and financial institutions to assess the real risk of potential borrowers and exploit this potential profitable sector.

CreditScore  fills this gap and provides the appropriate tools in the hands of financial institutions, to better assess the risk of their products, as well as to reduce the asymmetry of information, while strengthening the transparency between institutions and potential farmers/borrowers. Through CreditScore, a complete profile for each farmer-potential borrower can be developed on the basis of the  historical and current crop yields, short and long-term climate risks and weather hazards, affecting final crop performance.

CreditScore combines the use of Earth Observation, seasonal weather forecast, climate projections, and market data, to deliver accurate projections of future farmers/borrowers income, while managing to capture fully the climate variability and provide unbiased estimates of future yields and agricultural income.


CreditScore enables you to :

Manage exposure to risk

Access to historical and current crop yields, short & future risks affecting final crop performance that are related to climate change & extreme meteorological phenomena.

Improve operational efficiency

One Point of Data Entry delivers efficiency and reduces manual errors while enables better understanding of loan-to-value and risk related to collateral and liens.

Streamline data processing

Simplify detailed information-gathering on potential borrowers and streamline data processing while enabling continuous post-lending monitoring.

Advanced Analytics

Perform crop growth analysis to monitor risk in near-real time, predict the future of the crop, highlighting the associated risk and provide the opportunity for expansion to new regions with higher confidence.

Benefits for Financial institutions and farmers

• Streamlining Credit Decisioning
• Climate-resilient risk assessment
• Risk control at all stages of agricultural activities
• Risk assessment inclusive of future climate
• Hassle-free integration to current ERP systems
• Reduce inefficiencies from manual, laborious, data-centric tasks.
• Enabling the provision of Precision Agriculture services to customers

• Personalised Credit Rating
• Supporting Credit Rating of young farmers
• Enabling the provision of Starter and Young farmer loans
• Increase farmers confidence when approaching a financial institution
• Enable riskier investments

Credistcore partners

AgroApps was founded on 2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece to provide sustainable solutions for the agricultural and related sectors. AgroApps is combining innovative ICT technologies, satellite and weather-based data to deliver sustainable solutions to clients around the globe.
We harness the power of observation data from space, air and land and transform them into actionable insights for businesses, government and our society.

Cooperative Bank of Karditsa after years of successful course in the financial sector of the country, welcomes you to a world where transparency, security and reliability prevail.
The main concern of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa is to keep its partners satisfied by adapting its products and services, so that their business and personal needs are met in the best and most personalized way, with speed, friendliness and transparency

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